Software Development


With over 27 years of experience, we understand what is involved.

At Psi Systems we believe that flexible design is at the heart of a sustainable product.

Psi Systems has a stake in most projects that we are involved with; this gives us a long-term perspective, and ensures our continued involvement in product refinement and on-going development.

We keep up to date with emerging methodologies and new tools.


Fatigueometer is a windows, online and mobile (Android) based system for monitoring the alertness of employees involved in critical areas.

 Assessment World

On-Line Psychometric Testing, Job analysis Surveys, and 360 degree evaluation system.  

 PibSpeex and CompIndex

Situation Specific Evaluation Expert (Speex), consists of Evaluation Expert and Job Profiling Expert (JPE). It is an open architecture Computerized Assessment system that runs on MS Windows


Samae, ScanX, ScreenX, and related products, with an international user base.

 Entrepreneurial Game

A Game developed to assess people's business acumen.

HR Expert Suite

The HR Expert suite was a Windows based highly flexible and extensible HR information system developed and implemented by us between 1995 and about 2010. It has been discontinued. However, interested parties can contact us

 Software development

Although we prefer to be involved from early concept design up to final deployment, and feel that we add tremendous value during the planning phases as well; We are able to get involved at any stage of the software development cycle.

 Research and statistical consulting

We do consulting on research design and statistical analysis, primarily in the area of psychometric test design.

Web Avenue

Website development and hosting services

For web development please see our affiliated business, Web Avenue

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